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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Interview with Steph Davidson

q)Tell me something about yourself..What's your background...?

a)I grew up in Toronto and I went to university in London Ontario for Media Studies and Visual Arts.

q)When growing what was the greatest force pushing you towards art?

a)I was always drawing somewhat compulsively, maybe out of boredom.

q)Were you inspired/encouraged by any one person to pursue your craft?

a)My grade 5-7 art teacher encouraged me a lot.

q)How would you describe your art to someone who could not see it?

a)I'm not sure it's pretty all over the place.
q) Are certains colours,shapes that you're drawn to?

a)I like angular shapes and dense drawings.

q)What other talent would you like most to have?

a)I'd like to play the ukulele, or the ukulele's distant cousin, the banjo ukulele.

q)What's your favourite mediums to work in/on?

a)I really like oil because it's so easy to blend and thick. Oil on top of a flourescent gessoed wood or masonite is nice. Acrylic wise Turner Acryl Gouache is good, or tins of latex mistints from Home Depot arealright. Also ballpoint pens or cheap fountain pens filled with india ink.

q)What artists influence or have influenced you(these need not be visual artists)and how have they done so?

a)Some of my favourite practicing artists are the Oh Billy Art Squad, MayaHayuk, Paperrad, Andrew Jeffrey Wright, Seripop, Shary Boyle, Neckface,James Jean, Kevin Llewellyn, Brandon Haney, Ryan Foerster, and Dan Clowes,but there are a ton more. They're all pretty prolific which I admire. I'm also in to a lot of Neoclassical art, comic book art, old etchings and medical drawings etc.

q)What non-visual art interest you and does this have an impact on your art?

a)I guess I'm in to music, I've amassed a lot of MP3s. I'm not sure how that influences my art though.

q)What do you think about artists using the Internet as a forum for sharing their work?

a)I think the internet is awesome. I'm all for democratic media. Not that the internet is really democratic, but it tries.

q)What is your favourite toy, game or other artefact from your youth(and doyou still own it)?
a)Once I bought a $10 cd rom of hundreds of amazing shareware games at Radioshack. It had Aquanoid, MinerVGA, Hugo's House ofHorrors, everything.

q)Got any new projects planned?

a)Not really, except I want to learn how to airbrush really badly.

q)What advice can you give to other artists to help them improve their chances of survival in this global village we call our home?

a)I suppose try and see as many shows as possible, meet as many artists as possible, and make a myspace page or something.

q)Favourite books/authors?

a)I haven't read an actual book in a while which is pretty bad, I end up spending my money on art books like Nog a Dod, Kramers Ergot, or Cartoon Modern, or instructional books. But some books I have read that I like include The Rebel Sell by Joseph Heath and Andrew Potter, and basically anything by Jean Baudrillard. Oh I read Ice Haven last week.

q)Favourite music?

a)I really like Crystal Castles. Also there's another band from Toronto called Blood Ceremony who are amazing.

q)What do you fear most?

a)My number one fear is centipedes/spiders, then maybe social awkwardcy, or getting robbed.

q) Your contacts.


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