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Thursday, December 15, 2011

''L'ultima onda del lago''

L'ultima onda del lago

The Lake’s Last Wave.

A novel by Stefano Paolo Giussani


This is the story of an escape through the mountains around Lake Como in northern Italy.

Anna is a Jewish girl from Milan. In 1944, following the arrest of her parents, she is left alone with her deaf and blind brother and Sebastiano, a gay friend. All three have known the terrible loss of a loved one, as Sebastiano’s partner, a socialist, has also been arrested. Together the three decide to leave the city, which has been ravaged by bombs, and try to escape to Switzerland through the Italian Lakes.

Anna is only able to communicate with her brother by drawing images on the palm of his hand with her finger. Despite their handicap, the group overcome the journey’s initial difficulties and the Nazi controls which slow their progress. Near to the border the group meets a strange couple from the valleys near Lake Como. It is there that Anna and Sebastiano know the bad face of the war...

stefano paolo giussani (1966) is an italian journalist for Corriere della Sera and iViaggi di Repubblica. This is his first novel.

stefano paolo giussani
via manara 48, 20052 monza


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