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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Interview with Jim Stoten

q)Let’s start with the basics; what's your full name, where do you live, and how old are you?

a)My full name is James Nichloas Stoten, I live in Ipswich with my girlfriend, and I am 26 years old. Nearly 27.

q) Do you have any formal training?

a)I studied for 3 years at Brighton University on the Illustration BA there. Before that I studied on a foundation course at the University of Hertfordshire for a year.

q) Did the place you grew up in influence your image making?

a)I think so. I come from Hemel Hempstead. It’s a bog standard normal town, but the people I knew and the places I went and the things I did probably had something to do with it.

q) How do you come up with your concepts?

a)I think of them.

q) Describe your creations in a clear, concise and understandable sentence. What do you call them?

a)I call them doodles with intent. I think my work is a stream of consciousness whilst I am holding an idea or concept that I have to communicate in my mind.

q)What other mediums would you like to explore in your image making?

a)I like using collage in my sketchbooks. Maybe that side of my work will emerge later on.

q)What is the best time in the day for you to work on a project? Is there one, or is it more about the environment -- maybe the right mood?

a)It is about the right mood. I like working in the mornings, and the night time. I can only work through the middle of the day if I am well into what I am doing.

q) What are your artistic influences?...and …generally who or what influences you the most?

a)I don’t know. I don’t look at a lot of work, and when I do, I usually just appreciate.

q) Who are some of your favourite artists/designers/photographers?

a)Elvis studio, Paper Rad, Tove Jansson, Windsor McCay, Fischli and Weiss, Richard Scarry, Dr, Seuss. Loads.

q) What is your next project?Exhibition?Collaboration?

a)My next project that I am excited about is a self promotional one. I want to get my website upto scratch, and print some promotional material.

q)What are your plans for the future?

a)Keep going.

q)Are there some web sites that You would like to recomend? Artists, art communities, xxx,...!?

a)Islands fold. They are a brilliant art residency and small publishing press. I went and stayed with them for a week and it was the best. They live on Pender Island in Canada. Go look at It’s an amazing thing.

q)What sort of music do you listen to?

a)I listen to music that I make with my friends.

q)Do you collect anything?If so what?

a)I collect books, badges, imagery from papers and magazines.

q)What do you do for fun?

a)I swim, I draw, I eat, I smoke, I drink coffee and watch films, I go to pubs, I see friends, all sorts.

q)Any advice you can pass onto aspiring artists/designers?

a)Be patient and persist.

q)Your contacts…

a)Are in my eyes.


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Wonderful interview. Thank you Claudio!

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