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Friday, March 05, 2021

Patrick K.-H.

 Patrick K.-H.

Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Mohsen Elbelasy (snowy owl)


Mohsen Elbelasy(snowy owl)

surrealist - artist - poet - researcher - Editor-in-chief of (The Room ) Surrealist magazine

Saturday, August 22, 2020

Mario Benjamin


''the powerful gesture of the soul and its colors and its shadows and its lights...''

Friday, February 07, 2020

Massimiliano Usai

Already entered in L’ArieteLab with the triangulation of the
exhibitions curated by Francesco Piazza and who is writing in
Palermo and Catania, Massimiliano Usai arrives in Bologna in via
d'Azeglio with further works and thoughts. In his studio in Riola at
the foot of Rocchetta Mattei, where Luigi Ontani's scenographic
and quotation apprenticeship took place, Usai poses the
protagonists of his sentimental and aesthetic topography:
daughter, companion, friends. Faces and bodies chosen for love,
positioned and set up to evoke iconographic evocations, memories
of representations that belong to the history of painting and
photography. It is another fragment of the long and adventurous
story of the quotation and of the imitative memory, which have
always crossed the life of the images but that only since the
eighteenth century have known an explicit linguistic
systematization. Needless to say what has become the
relationship between different imaginaries and visual codes in the
twentieth century, which to photography and photographers like
Andres Serrano and Cindy Sherman has given unprecedented
possibilities of declared artistic misunderstandings. In the case of
Usai, significant is the desire to entertain and dialogue with ancient
and modern iconological aspects, here exposed the triptych that
alludes to Lo Spinario in Musei Capitolini tells us this fascination,
which identifies in the singularity of the singer's body, and on this
occasion also model, Roberto Vitale, unheard possibility of
relations with History, outcrops of forms of the past translated into
the here and now of an eternal present. There is a will, sometimes
obscure and desperate, in the work of Usai, who very strongly
wants to anchor the time to the proda of affections. Thus, in its
autobiographical territory, live side by side eroticism and passion
for men and women and for works of art, and past visions, and yet
our contemporaries, appear before us, brought back to life, from
Caravaggio to Baron Wilhelm von Gloeden, from Robert
Mapplethorpe to Franz von Stuck to August Sander.

Main Exhibitions:
2016 Lagolandia Festival (Bo), Solo Show
2017 Di Legno e di cenere, Castello Manservisi (BO) -Solo Show
Di Legno e di cenere, OFCN15(BO) Solo Show
Ar(T)cevia festival Group Show (catalogue)
Il Rumore del Lutto (PR) Solo Show
Eroticamente, Satura Gallery (GE), Group Show (catalogue)
Dialogica (SR) Group Show (catalogue)
Percorsi Per Corpi, Spazio Omniae (BO) Group Show
2018 Flowers and Bodies,Veniero Gallery (PA)
Solo Show (Catalogue)
Flowers and Bodies, Koart Gallery (CT)
Solo Show
Rosy for Ever (PA) Group Show (Catalogue)
Ariete ArteContemporanea Gallery . Solo Show
Percorsi Per Corpi, Spazio Omniae (BO) Group Show
2019 La Risposta dell’amore Cantieri della Zisa (PA)
Group Show (catalogue)
”Das ubi consistam” installtion site specific for Timelam
FuoriSalone (Mi)
”Et in Arcadia Eros” installation site specific for Lunetta
Without frontiers (MN)
Ar(T)cevia festival (AN) Group Show (catalogue)
Secondo Natura, P.zzo Spadaro (RG) Group Show (catalogue)
Scouting, Ariete ArteContemporanea Gallery . Group Show
L’albergo a ore-site specific for Poetic Hotel (PD)
2020 Borders, Romantso Galley (Athens-GR) Group Show
Effetto Farfalla -Centro Comunale per l’arte (CA) – Group
Massimiliano Usai was born in 1976 in Bologna, where in 2005 he
graduated in Contemporary Urban Planning at Dams. He worked
in the early 2000s as a tailor with the independent brand
‘Quémas’. Since 2005 he has been a designer of jewelry, bags and
various accessories for some fashion houses and brands such as
Moschino, Ferré, Etro, Armani, Versace, Cavalli, Louboutin. As a
musician he curated and edited the arrangements of the singer-
songwriter Roberto Vitale. In the last years he has been working
in visual arts, since 2017 with the advice of the curator and art
historian Eleonora Frattarolo. In 2017 he participates, among his
various exhibitions, at Festival of the Arts Ar (t) cevia at Jesi and at
Dialogica, curated by Francesco Piazza, at the Bellomo Museum in
Ortigia, which permanently includes in his collections a Triptych; in
2018 at Paratissima, off event in Art city in Bologna. In 2018 two
personal exhibitions in Palermo and Catania ‘Flowers and Bodies’
curated by Eleonora Frattarolo and Francesco Piazza.
Since 2018 he takes part in L'ArieteLab of Gallery L’Ariete
fb/ig: spazioomniae