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Monday, April 11, 2016

Interview with JACK SANDERS

1)Please introduce yourself and tell us something about yourself and your background.

1)At an early age, I understood nothing special would happen to me unless I made it happen. I grew up in the suburbs of Atlanta and my life was comfortable but not exciting. So I chased excitement. Smoking, shoplifting while being considered a "good boy" because I always had nice clothes.

2) Tell us about your art.

2) I fell in love with Duchamps "The Fountain" when I was about 7. I found it extremely elegant and somewhat erotic. This led me to the surrealists and their strange philosophy about not considering their work "art" but magic.

3) What is the central theme of your work?

3) To me, themes can be a trap. So, my themes tend to change often. Today it might be about the decay of southern mansions, tomorrow it may be beautiful hustlers in the summer of their youth (props to Courtney Love). Beauty and emotion are what I like, so that could be considered an ongoing theme.

4) What is your most beautiful dream?

4) That would be when I dreamt I was Courtney Love's boyfriend. Although, most people would consider that a nightmare.
Worth nightmare? I had a accident when I was a kid.. I ran my bike into an engine block my neighbor had hanging from a tree. Concussions, etc. I had a nightmare about a bowling ball.

5)Best way to spend a day off?

5)I am a hardcore workaholic. A day off is like a prison sentence to me.

6) WHO, WHAT inspires you.?

6) There is a big difference between who you like and respect and who inspires you. I am inspired by artists who are 100 percent committed to their work. I think that most art has a relatively short shelf life. I used to absolutely worship Jean Cocteau. Now, not so much. Even Kenneth Anger has lost his appeal to me personally. I enjoy Bruce la Bruce because his ambition inspires me. And artists like Piotr Urbaniak because he does not give up. Musically, I like Phillip Glass, Wagner (but he dead), Iggy, Lou. I tend to like art and music that somehow provides a background to my life. Even pop art. B

7) Book you love?

7) In no order: Nausea by Sartre, all books by J.K. Huysmans, Valley of the Dolls, all books on Surrealism and the Occult, most books about serial killers, The Family by Ed Sanders, Helter Skelter by F. Lee Baily, Psychopathia Sexuality by Dr. Kraft-Ebing, J Hollywood Babylon I and II. I like to books books that are over my head like "Being and Northingness." I am more a bibliophile than an intellectual.

8) What are you excited about right now?

8) Very excited about the continued success of Homosurrealism Magazine. It is a work in progress but I think I've got it.
Current Projects: Well, we are preparing for an Homosurrealism Event in Hollywood for July, 2016. I am excited on my levels and the e-invite will be posted soon. It will be held at MoDA Hollywood.
Future Projects: I am flirting with the idea of having an exhibit of some kind in Atlanta. I know of just the place! And maybe New Orleans. These projects will be for 16-17.

9) Where can people see more of our work on the internet?

9) The magazine is the best place to not only find out more about Homosurrealism. All you have to do it like "Jack Sanders" on Facebook and you will automatically be in my database to receive your free monthly copy.
Any Last Word:
Yes. Some people still think that being gay is "less than" being straight. That an online magazine is "less than" a "real magazine" and that an online art community is "less than" a "real" art community. I consider this way of thinking to be archaic and old aeon in nature. Homosurrealiism is the first 21st century art movement of its kind and was born online and will live online. Sadly, the days of artists hanging out in the Chelsea or some cafe on the west bank are really over. Like it or not, we all live online now.