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Monday, August 31, 2009

Lorenzo Ostuni

Born in Basilicata in 1938.Philosopher,writer,symbologist,

artist and TV author,

of international fame.Creator of Biodramma,

method of self-knowledge and

therapy of personality,known in many countries.

The Biodramma was taught by

Lorenzo Ostuni for years at the Esalen Institute in California,

to students of all

the world.

Author of many semeiologic , symbologic

and literary systems,aimed to the

deep knowledge of human mind:

Bionomikon (1975), Sfingi(1978), Maya (1980),

Gorgones (1970-2002), Aure

(1985), Matemantica (1993-2000), Odissee (1982-1997),

Infiniti (2003).

Creator of the Museum of symbols,

in Via Degli Scipioni 175,Rome,visits by appointment.

…2 of his last books:

Tecniche Nuove Edizioni – October 2007 - Pg. 403

99 Chimere - Alla Ricerca dell'Anima

Tecniche Nuove Edizioni - 2003 - Pg. 240