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Monday, June 27, 2011

Interview with Bryan Schnelle

q) Please tell us your name and where you practice.

a)Bryan Schnelle, Los Angeles.

q) Why do you make art?

a)That’s a good question, I don’t really know, it’s just something I need to do.

q) How do you work?


q) What´s your background?

a)I grew up in a typical, boring suburb not unlike a lot of other typical, boring suburbs.

q) What role does the artist have in society?

a)Different types of Artists seem to have different types of roles. Personally, I hope to encourage and contribute to serious thought about reality.

q) What was a seminal experience for you?

a)I remember going to a museum with my friend Joe and his dad when I was maybe around 13 or 14 and his dad smoked a joint with us in the car before we went in. I wasn’t a huge Picasso fan or anything, but I remember standing in front of this one particular Picasso, the title escapes me now, but I had what I can only describe as a “spiritual awakening”. I knew what I wanted to do.

q) Has your practice changed over time?

a)Absolutely, my work is always evolving as my ideas and interests change and develop.

q) What art do you most identify with?

a)I’m not really sure. I guess maybe sarcastic, funny, clever, or ironic Art?

q) What´s your strongest memory of your childhood?

a)A pop-shuvit tail grab down 10 stairs (landed it, but broke my board).

q) What themes do you pursue?

a)Lately I’ve been interested in advertising and capitalist consumer culture and the state of disconnect with reality it induces.

q) Describe a real life experience that inspired you.

a)The Basquiat retrospective at the Brooklyn Museum in 2005 was pretty impressive.

q) What jobs have you done other than being an artist?

a)Worked for a property management company (serving tenants with eviction notices), did landscaping, assembled generators in a factory, stood outside of stores collecting signatures, dug graves...

q) What responses have you had to your work?

a)Mostly appreciative and encouraging, I think that most people are starting to wake up from the dream.

q) What do you dislike about the art world?

a)I’m not a big fan of bullshit.

q) What research do you do?

a)I read a lot of books and watch a lot of tmz.

q) What is your dream project?

a)Haha, nice try. That’s top secret.

q) What couldn’t you do without?

a)I’m sure that I could survive without any modern gizmos if I had to, anyone could. But books and coffee I would really miss.

q) What makes you angry?


q) What is your worst quality?

a)I’m really awkward socially. When people meet me for the first time they think I’m a dick, but the truth is I’m actually a pretty nice guy.

q) Dogs or Cats?


q) Making art is a lot like being on lsd. Know what I mean?

a)I guess it can be, but I actually feel the most grounded when I’m making Art. It’s when I’m not working… that’s when things get weird.

q) What does “ copy” mean to you?

a)Control C.

q) What´s your favourite cuss word?

a)Sucky Motherfucky.