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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Interview with Ken Kagami

1)So, can you tell me a little about yourself? Full name, age, some backround info, etc?

1)I used to like playing baseball and putting on a woman's(wearing girls's clothes).
My name is Ken Kagami.32 years old.
I had worked the fashion stylist for 6 years.

2)How did you get started making art?

2)After stylist, I become an artist.

3)How would you describe your art?

3)I can't explain....

4)Where do you get the inspiration for your art?

4)Children, sex , poo , animals etc.....

5)What are you working on now?

5)*solo exhibition the end of October 2006 in Sidney, Australia.
*exhibits in the Frieze art fair in London .

6)Are there some web sites that you would like to recomend? Artists, art communities, xxx,...!?


7) What programs / materials / tools do you use to create your pieces?

7)Toys , fabrics , garbages....

8) What advice would you give to younger up and coming artist?


9) What is your personal definition of life and art and everything else in between?

9)I don't know.

10) Do you think that art is a universal language - transcending all the different languages, cultures and religions etc?

10)I don't think so.

11) What are your artistic influences?

11)All things in which it is interested.

12) How are the reactions on your work in general?

12)I don't know but some people likes my art very much.

13) Do you have many connections in the underground scene?

13)I don't have a lot of connections.

14) Tell us about a recent dream you had.

14)too many.

15) What is freedom to you as an artist?

15)I don't know.

16) Are there any particular works you've done that stand out as your favorites?

16)Yes, there are.
I am doing not only the art but also a lot of work of the fashion. For example, designs such as T-shirts and bags.

17) Last Books you read?


18) Last records you bought?


19) Who are your favourite artists & Your favourite galleries?

19)It is a lot of artists and gallery so can't answer it .

20)Your contacts….E-mail…Link



Anonymous Anonymous said...

he's short with his answers! but maybe that means he is a true artist, in that he is not influenced by other materials out there but influenced purely from his interests (sex, poo etc = ken kagami's work)

5:18 PM  

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