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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Interview with Dave Chung

1) First of all, can you present yourself..?
My name is Dave Chung, but everybody calls me The Chung because of my URL: All the other variations on my name of that URL were already taken, and all the other Dave and David Chungs are all artists too!! So I had to come up with something that sounded arrogant and shove it in their faces out of spite. So that’s how I got a “The” in front of my “Chung”…
Man, what a lame and boring response to the first question of an interview…I did however eat a gas station sandwich today that had an expiration date of today. Guess I ate it just in time!!

2) Do you think of yourself as an artist, or what?
Not really. Oh wait, no. I mean yes. But not the kind of artist that is an artist. I like to make art, and I get paid to make art, but I don’t like to refer to myself as an artist. I prefer the term, “Lion Tamer”

3) What is creativity?
I don’t think I’m creative enough to answer that question creatively, so I’m just going to talk about that gas station sandwich I ate today. It was a chicken caesar sandwich with shredded cheese as hard and see-thru as glass and it had lettuce that looked like algae in a fish tank that desperately needs cleaning and it came with a ranch dressing packet saran wrapped to the entire thing. It would have been a real crappy lunch, but because I got CREATIVE, I bought a bag of BBQ chips and stuffed the hell out of it. Now if that isn’t creative AND original…I don’t know what is. I’m so awesome. Just ask my mom.

4) Does your environment influence your art, either in style/format or interference?
Actually my environment has influenced my art a lot. Because I’ve been moving so much since I was a kid from Albany, Chicago, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Syracuse, Buffalo, and Detroit (that was just the abridged version) I’ve picked up a lot of inspiration along the way. From the crazy ass snack packages that you find on all products found in Asia, to good old American comic books, cartoons and porn.
Then I discovered Japanese porn…I no longer feel emotions.

5) What are some of your influences and inspirations?
People and/or animals and their stories are some of my biggest sources of inspiration. Especially when those stories involve being uncomfortable or in a situation that is highly unfortunate, but always ends up being humorous after it happens.

6) What’s your favourite mediums (pen, charcoal, paint, canvas, etc…) to work in/on?
I really enjoy using acrylics on wood, and recently I started to use canvas which I’ve been enjoying a lot…especially now that I can afford it. And I love sketching with my brush pens in my moleskin sketchbook. It’s highly meditative for me, like sitting on a toilet.

7) Who are some of your favourite painters/artists?
Well I’m heavily influenced by today’s great artists, such as Jeff Soto, Tim Biskup, and Glen Barr as well as good pals Joseph Daniel Fiedler, Chris Mostyn, Chris Ryniak, Robert Hardgrave, Travis Louie and pretty much everybody on

8) How long does it normally take you to complete a piece of your artwork?
Anywhere from a few hours to a week…but if it drags out longer than a week, I lose interest and it rarely gets finished.

9) What else are you interested in besides visual arts?
I love anything to do with aquatic life. I have several aquariums as well as crabs. yes yes go on and laugh. Very funny, I have crabs. But I bet you’re all just jealous because I get to use a special comb.

10) Got any new projects planned?
Well I have a series of paintings I’m working on about corndogs and other various meats found in space which will possibly be a future book. And I’ve entered the world of clothing, and will be whoring myself out starting… now:

Shirts will be available for sale on my website beginning of August 2006 and is a limited edition run of 50. I’ve been taking reservations for those who don’t want to miss out, if you’re interested please go to my website at

Also I will be in a show coming up in Portland put together by Ryan Bubnis called, “It’s all Wood” featuring a lot of big player. It opens October 6th at the Renowned Gallery. Visit for more information.

Oh and I’m also going to be in that show Heiko is setting up at the Feinkunst Kruger gallery, “Don’t Wake Daddy” in December.

11) How would you describe your art to someone who could not see it?
It has a lot of bright cartoony colors, and I’ve been told that if you get up real close to it you can smell a faint scent of happiness and grandmother.

12) What other talent would you most like to have?
You know how in the movie Spiderman he does that “Shh-thwhip!” thing where his Spiderman-goo shoots out of his wrist and gets the whole city of New York sticky? Is that a talent?

13) What are your most beloved items?
My collection of art I’ve acquired over the past year or two trading with friends.

14) Favourite books?
Nothing beats being under your blankets at night with a flashlight and a good science fiction and/or horror book, like “Green Eggs and Ham”.

15) Do you remember the first draw you made?
it was of a Christmas tree fighting a tank on the moon covered in blood which was represented with glue and red glitter. It was so awesome.

16) What kind of music do you like and do you listen to…And is the music important for your art…?
It’s not really that important for the art, but it does help a little while I’m painting. It helps me keep a steady pace; I just rarely listen to the lyrics while I paint. That’s just too much for me. Of course unless I’m not wearing any pants. Then the lyrics are all that I can listen to.
Yeah it’s weird. But still awesome.

17) Any advice do you have for artists?
Just “Set it and Forget it!”

18) Your contacts…E-mail….Links…


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You're a gem Dave!! Pure granite!!!

6:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow...i feel like i wasted my time reading this, but then i started to think about that gas station sandwhich and started to get hungry, and then i thought...HEY! i guess that interview WAS pretty good! and there were some bright colors that made me twitch a bit and an elephant. i guess dave is pretty cool, i mean he did give me one of his shirts for a gift and i did give hima newt, so you know...we're cool.

dave...your art is the best! keep up the good work and don't ever let reno tell you that he is better than you.


10:16 PM  

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