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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Interview with Cameron Gray

1)So, can you tell me a little about yourself? Full name, age,some background info, etc?

1)My name is Cameron Gray, 21 years of age. I'm currently studying at the University of Tasmania's Academy Of The Arts.

2)How did you get started making art?

2)I never liked art, infact I hated it because of an art teacher I had in high school who turned me right off wanting to ever do anything in the artworld. I basically began creating art some years later, I would sit at my computer making 3D images to use as backgrounds on my computer. I then started taking photos and got really interested in what I was able to express. After some time I began blending 3D computer images with photos and over about 6 or 7 years it has become the basis of what my style is now.

3)How would you describe your art?

3)I would describe it as an intimate portrait of myself that very few people get to see. I try to put a story, message or meaning into all of my work.

4)Where do you get the inspiration for your art?

4)Usually my nightmares, dreams, emotions, past experiences, love, music,movies, books, nature. The list goes on.

5)What are you working on now?

5)This interview. This is a trick question :P

6)Are there some web sites that you would like to recomend? Artists,art communities, xxx,...!?

6)Stephen Kasner, Fabrice Lavollay, Amy Kollar Anderson, Deviant Art,Renderosity, Arts Connect, Dark Arts World. Spooky Art, Horror Find.

7) What programs / materials / tools do you use to create your pieces?

7)Photoshop, Poser, Bryce, Carrara. Traditional Paints & Clays, Canvas etc.I did use a Ricoh RR30 camera but the fucking thing broke so now I use are ally nice Fuji FinePix S5600. It's younger, sexier, dirtier and has a much larger lens....

8) What advice would you give to younger up and coming artist?

8)Don't let others dictate your life, and never let someone else make up your mind.

9) What is your personal definition of life and art and everything else in between?

9)A bottle of Jack Daniels a day keeps reality away...

10) Do you think that art is a univeral language - transcending all the different languages, cultures and religions etc?

10)Definetly, I believe art has helped tie many cultures together. We need to have a day each year dedicated to the arts. A public holiday of course.Make it happen John Howard!

11) What are your artistic influences?

11)Rick Smith & David Marsden, two of the best teachers I had that let me believe I could do anything I wanted with my art and not regret it.Also music, films, books, etc.

12) How are the reactions on your work in general?

12)The general response to my work is surprisingly polite and respectful. I quite often get emails from people saying stuff like "I'm not a fan ofthis style of art, but I can appreciate your work".It's nice when people who don't like my art can still have an appreciation for what i do and what I love.

13) Do you have many connections in the underground scene?

13)Underground as in "underground art" = Yes, magazines, artists, poets,authors, film makers.Undergrond as in ""Underground"" = If I do I wouldn't make it public...

14) Tell us about a recent dream you had.

14)'Twas the night before Christmaswhen all through the house Not a creature was stirring,not even a mouse;The stockings were hung by the chimney with care,In the hopes that St. Nick would wear some damn underwear!!!!...."AAAAHHHHHH!!!! NUDIE SANTA!!! NUDIE SANTA!!!

15) What is freedom to you as an artist?

15)Being able to express my thoughts and opinions knowing that I need not regret them and that I will not be persecuted for them.

16) Are there any particular works you've done that stand out as your favorites?

16)"A Glimpse Of Beauty", "The Blue Patient", and "Worldly Divine" have a special place in me.

17) Last Books you read?

17)Nightmares & Dreamscapes - Stephen King, Shadow Maker - David Ho, OddThomas - Dean Koontz.

18) Last records you bought?

18)Records?? what the hell are they?Just kidding, Tool - 10,000 Days, NIN - With Teeth, Billy Corgan - The Future Embrace.

19) Who are your favourite artists & Your favourite galleries?

19)Hieronymus Bosch, Pieter Bruegel, Fabrice Lavollay, Stephen Kasner, David Ho.

20)Your contacts..E-mail.Links



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